Dreamy Nights


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The Dreamy Night Nappy has reached almost legendary status in the night nappy world. It is a lush, beautiful nappy, but don’t let those good looks fool you, this nappy means business!

It features an outer layer of silky soft hand dyed bamboo velour or lush squishy  premium minky. There is a full body layer of bamboo and the workhorse absorbency layers are a unique ratio of bamboo and microfibre, to give you the best absorbency possible. The inner features the best quality fleece we could get, to keep your baby’s bottom dry all night long. All the snaps are concealed and fully adjustable.

Snap in boosters are removable for faster drying, this is one thirsty nappy! It holds a lot of fluid so try to launder as soon as possible to keep it looking new.

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Dark Blue, Sage, White with Blue, White with Green, White with Purple, White