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About our nappies

Size 1

waist 28-58cm
rise 33-39cm

Size 2

waist 28-68cm
rise 39-47cm

Please use measurements over weight as your deciding factor.

Our nappies are a generous fit, size one would encompass size small and medium in most other brands. Size 2 would approximate large and extra large in other brands.

  • Super trim fit. Our new Workhorse nappy is the trimmest fit that we could get without compromising absorbency. All our nappies are designed to accommodate the Piggyback booster system. A simple yet fantastic design that allows you to boost your nappies up to a whopping 18-22 layers!
  • Elastic- we have always used the best quality notions we can get our hands on.
  • Price- we have always striven to charge a reasonable price for the quality you are getting.


L’Amour nappies

An AI2 nappy but with the comfort shape and fit of a fitted nappy. No cover required so you can show these babies off!
Beautifully different cotton outer fabrics layered with PUL and hemp with a soft versatile suede cloth or microfleece inner and the normal Wild Child booster and microfiber piggy back system.

Your little one will look and feel great in these beautys

Sidesaddles (side snappers)
The Side Saddle addresses many of the fit problems you may have encountered in other nappies such as wing droop, poorly fitting waist, leg gape or poor fit on the legs. Our unique snap placement on the wings ensures that the wings are angled at exactly the right position through each stage of development of your child. They feature a super trim fit without compromising performance and a longer top booster for extra coverage. These funky nappies have really cool co-ordinating wing snaps and microfleece inner.

The fit on these nappies is quite different to the front snap nappies simply because of the way they fasten. The size one encompasses a lower weight and smaller size range than the Workhorse but still fits a 2 year old toddler perfectly. The size two fits the toddler range perfectly. The size one has been tested on a 2.7kg newborn through to a 2.5 year old toddler and the fit was found to be perfect in all cases. The size 2 has been tested on a 14 month old through to a 3.3 year old and again there was no lack in performance or fit.

The Side Saddle comes with the Wild Child snap in bamboo booster and a microfibre piggy-back booster as standard.

Please note the size two really is not suitable for babies, I would not recommend it for any baby under 12 months. In my experience there have been very few babies that a size 2 has fitted correctly, as tested the size one can go up to 2.5 years in a smaller or lean child.

Wild Child Fitted & Nights
Our Dreamy Night and fitted nappies are famous for their super trim fit and outstanding performance! We have decided to bundle our Dreamy Night Nappies and our highly sought after Fitteds in the same category as they basically are similar nappies with different compositions, both can be used as either fitted day nappies or fantastic and stylish night nappies.

These nappies technically do require a cover, although many of our customers have found that they did not need one, as this nappy features the legendary Wild Child absorbency! A pair knitted pants is our recommendation for cover.

These nappies are fantastic workhorse nappies with stylish outers for great looks! As with all our Wild Child nappies, the boosters in these nappies fit into any Wild Child nappy, for maximum convenience and economy! You are also able to customize the level of absorbency you need with our patented piggy back booster system. So you can now pick &/or create the nappy that best suits your needs.

Please note- the pattern placement on the fabric may vary from the one pictured.

Our fitteds
Our highly sought after fitted nappies feature a full body hemp layer (for superfast drying), a co-ordinating snap in booster of Organic unbleached bamboo terry. They also feature a lining of either cotton or bamboo velour or imported 100% cotton sherpa. If you are after a nappy with only natural fabrics then these are the nappies for you! They do come with a microfibre piggyback booster as standard, but that can easily be replaced with the optional bamboo piggy back booster. The Wild Child fitted nappy can make an economical night nappy for a light to medium wetter.

Dreamy Night Nappy side snap OSFM:
The Dreamy Night Nappy has reached almost legendary status in the night nappy world. It is a lush, beautiful nappy, but don’t let those good looks fool you, this nappy means business!

It features an outer layer of silky soft bamboo velour or lush squishy premium minky. There is a full body layer of bamboo and the workhorse absorbency layers are a unique ratio of bamboo and microfibre, to give you the best absorbency possible. The inner features the best quality fleece we could get, to keep your baby’s bottom dry all night long. All the snaps are concealed and fully adjustable.

Snap in boosters are removable for faster drying, this is one thirsty nappy! It holds a lot of fluid so try to launder as soon as possible to keep it looking new.

rise- 54cm (elastic to elastic, stretched)
circumference 31-75cm. (unstretched, tightest snaps to stretched widest snaps)

Every baby is different and every baby will fit the same nappy differently, additionally their nappy needs change over time. Try some of our fitting tips to get the best possible performance from your nappy:
• splay the boosters out into a fan shape to reduce the square profile of the boosters, it gives a more contoured profile.
• remove some boosters
• add some boosters
• place some of the boosters on the outside of the night nappy and hold in place with a cover (we recommend wool covers)
• fold the boosters differently so that the maximum absorbency is where you need it
• change the composition of your boosters…sometimes you need to use all bamboo and at others you may need microfibre.
We can always be contacted should you have a specific enquiry you would like help with.

Piggyback Boosters

It is amazing in it’s simplicity and versatility. Is consists of a double layer booster, that is folded over in half, thus giving you four layers of absorbency for each booster. What is amazing is that thanks to our unique snap configuration, you can continue adding a potentially infinite number and combination of boosters to your nappy until the desired level of absorbency is achieved!

As with all our Wild Child boosters, these boosters fit into any Wild Child nappy, for maximum convenience and economy, In fact the new Wild Child Range has been specifically designed to take the piggyback boosters without compromising on fit!

That’s not even the best bit! The best bit is YOU decide what your absorbent layers in your nappy will be. If you need the absorbency of bamboo then that’s OK get all bamboo piggybacks, if you want the fast absorbency of microfibre combined with the holding power of bamboo you can go that way, if you need the fast dying absorbency of hemp then that’s do-able too. You just choose the boosting that suits your individual child at that particular time. Your nappy can be adapted to meet the specific need of your child at that stage in their life. Every child is different and their needs change over time, why shouldn’t your nappy do the same?

So you can now pick &/or create the nappy that best suits your needs.

Each booster gives you a minimum of 4 layers of boosting, possibly more depending on how you fold it.

We will continue to provide you with the most awesome and imaginative products and from now on we will protect each and every one of them. That way our customers are assured they are getting a genuine Wild Child Nappies product and the assurance of all the research and development that goes behind it.

Limited edition collections

One of the most rewarding things about making Wild Child Nappies, apart from the environmental benefits, is the creative aspect to making cool, funky and artistic nappies to share with my customers.

These nappies will not be duplicated, repeated or made again even for custom slots. The design may be replicated across both sizes but that is as far as a repetition will occur. If you see something you like grab it now as once it’s gone it’s gone.