Cloth Wipes


Flannel cloth wipes – 5 pack



5 cloth wipes per pack. Approx 15cm x 15cm in size. Made of soft flannel in a range of patterns.

Cloth wipes are easy to use, just add water! Once they are used just throw them in your nappy bucket or with your next wash. There are pre-made wipes solutions you can purchase or make yourself. These often contain pure essential oils, which are added for their antibacterial properties or to sooth irritated skin, smells nice too. The simplest solution often just contains water and coconut oil.

Cloth wipes will be around long after your children are out of nappies. Use them to wipe your little one’s nose, great for hands and faces or keep a pile near the sink for wiping up after meals. Perfect for in the car too! And why stop after toilet training? They are a lovely soft alternative to throw away toiler paper, get the whole family using them! They are also the perfect size to dry little hands after using the toilet. They will most likely last for multiple children as well, increasing your savings!

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Garden Flannel, Blue Stripes, Orange Blaze, Dino, Purple Stars