Piggyback Strap


Piggyback straps add extra absorbency to any insert.


The Wild Child piggyback strap is designed to fit all our nappies, from size 1 through to DNNs. It has a unique snap arrangement which allows you to add an unlimited number of extra piggyback straps to any nappy!

With socket snaps on one side and stud snaps on the reverse, the piggyback strap snaps to our size 1, 2 and DNN inserts before snapping into the nappy or additional piggyback straps.

Made from 2 layers of 400gsm bamboo fleece, these piggyback straps are are great way to add extra absorbency to your nappies! What’s more – you can fold the strap to ensure you get the extra absorbency where you need it most. For example … fold it in half for all over absorbency or fold one half in half again to suit front wetters or back wetters.


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